About The Athletes' Corner

The Athletes’ Corner is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works with professional athletes and teams to strengthen families struggling mentally, physically, and spiritually – all through the vehicle of sports!

The Founders of The Athletes' Corner

The Athletes' Corner Timeline

Since the idea was born in 2018, to the official launch of our organization in 2020, to the future of 2022 and beyond – see where we’ve been and where we’re going!

2018 - The Idea

Back in 2018, the idea of The Athletes’ Corner was born. We recognized a huge need in the sports world for a true industry leader that focuses on what matters most – faith and family. We set out to create THE go-to sports organization for all things, faith, family, and philanthropy.

2019 - The Network

For the next year, we concentrated our efforts on building a massive network of like-minded professional athletes. We knew that to ensure The Athletes’ Corner was a success, we needed to create a unique network of faith-based athletes. Once this was accomplished, we’d be ready to go.

2020 - The Launch

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck in early 2020, we pivoted on our original plans and immediately launched our platform. We knew that with our network of athletes, coupled with our strategic vision, we could help uplift, encourage and inspire those who desperately needed it during a time of crisis.

2021 - The Success

Since launching The Athletes’ Corner in early 2020, we have experienced tremendous growth and impact. By working with 50+ professional athletes and teams, we fed over 2.5 million people - and generated over 70,000 followers and 150 million social media impressions from content centered on faith and family.

2022 - The Future

We have built the platform for athletes to use their voices to share messages about faith and family. We have created the vehicle for athletes to use their platforms to give back, focusing on Matthew 25. Now, we are ready to scale and help even more families. We aim to reach even more people with creative content and innovative campaigns; we need to align ourselves with the right partners to accomplish those goals.

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