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Social media is a vehicle for us to create uplifting messages about faith and family. In 2020, our media content efforts have led to over 50,000 followers and over 50,000,000 impressions - proving that people truly do need more media content that is encouraging. Our Instagram account is featured below, which shares messages from athletes we've either partnered with or have identified as influential individuals that share our focus on faith and family!

500,000 meals!!! Our Swishes for Dishes campaign with the @warriors and @kpthrive  just surpassed 500k meals!

We are halfway to our goal to provide 1 million meals this year with the Warriors, Kaiser and @feedingamerica!

#SwishesForDishes #FightHunger #Matthew25 #UntoTheLeast
READ THIS ➡️ God is real. His Son is real, and He died for our sins! 🙏🏽
Via @theprofessor /ProfessorLive
Any day and every day! 🗣 @thesamacho
Don’t underestimate God and what you can’t see in the moment!

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.”
- 2 Corinthians 5:7
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This is the greatest news‼️
Via @justinbieber
Tonight the @gleaguewarriors continue their fight against hunger via our Swishes for Dishes campaign with @kpthrive and @warriors!

The Santa Cruz Warriors will donate 30 meals for every point they score during the entire season 🏀🍽 

#TheAthletesCornerVsHunger #Matthew25 #UntoTheLeast
This is truth!! @criscarter1965
Press through! 🙏🏾
Glorify HIM 🙏🏾
The Super Bowl is in two days, but Chiefs DB @broham1993 is still locked in on what matters most 💯
The world is telling us to hate each other - white and black, conservative or democrat. However, Jesus commands us to love one another.

This post is a public announcement to our followers, or anyone who comes across this page. There have been a lot of people who complain, and hate on some of the individuals we post about. We want to make this very clear... this page is about Jesus Christ - and that is it. 

We love everyone because Christ first loved us. 

We want everyone to feel safe here. We want everyone who follows us to know that no matter where they come from, or who they support politically, we have one thing in common, and that is Jesus Christ. 

So we’d like you to think about one question today. Where does your identity lie? 

Before anything else, or anyone else, are you a follower of Jesus Christ?
Rain or shine, God’s there all the time!
Put God 1st!! @thearcher
Starting my day like @jalenramsey today! 🙏🏾
Preach Russ, preach! 🙏🏾
God is always with us! Thanks for this reminder, @benjaminswatson 🙏🏽
1 MILLION MEALS!! Since launching The Athletes’ Corner vs. Hunger just 3 short months ago in November, we have helped provide over 1,000,000 meals to families in need with the help of our amazing partners! #Matthew25

• @adrianpeterson 
• @mrsashleypeterson 
• @aapffoundation 

• @zachertz 
• @julieertz 
• @ertzfamilyfoundation 
• @dlrosensweig / @chegg 

• @d56davis 
• @tamelagilldavis 
• @devoteddreamersfoundation 

• @warriors 
• @dubscommunity 
• @chase_center 
• @kpthrive 

Huge shout out to @feedingamerica for helping us maximize the effectiveness of our meal donations!
Always have faith in Him! #AllDay
Our Swishes For Dishes campaign with @warriors and @kpthrive just surpassed 250,000 meals!!

All of these meals will be provided to local Bay Area food banks with the help of our partner, @feedingamerica!
After @carislevert discovered a mass on his kidney, he displayed great faith in God 🙏🏽

We can’t control what life throws at us, but we can control how we react! #FaithOverFear
Through the ups and downs of life, remember WHO to lean on! #TrustGod
Do you agree with @timtebow?
This!! 🗣 @rgiii
No matter what “trouble” you face in your life, remember that God is your refuge and your strength!
Heisman Trophy winner @smityyy03 acknowledged that without God, his success wouldn’t be possible! #NationalChampionship #CFBplayoff
Following @ohiostatefb’s win over Clemson in the CFP semifinal, QB @justnfields gave all glory to God! #NationalChampionship #CFBplayoff
Saints win!! We will team up with Demario, Tamela and their @devoteddreamersfoundation to donate 11,000 meals to families in New Orleans! #Matthew25

@d56davis Tackles: 4 
@saints Sacks: 1
@saints Playoff Wins: 1

We are adding in a special 5,000 meal donation in honor of the Saints playoff victory!
Like Ja Morant said, trust God’s timing!
Starting tomorrow... when @d56davis eats, families eat. When the @saints defense eats, families eat!

We are teaming up with Demario and his @devoteddreamersfoundation to donate the following:
• 1,000 meals for every @d56davis tackle
• 2,000 meals for every @saints sack
• 2,000 meals for every @saints forced turnover

#TacklingHungerWithDemarioDavis #Matthew25 #FeedTheHungry
Amen, @dangerusswilson 🙏🏽
BIG NEWS! We are partnering with @d56davis and his @devoteddreamersfoundation to launch ‘Tackling Hunger with Demario Davis’ for the NFL Playoffs!

For every @saints playoff game, we will be fighting hunger through the on-field performance of Demario Davis and the Saints! We will donate the meals as follows:
- 1,000 meals: Every @d56davis tackle
- 2,000 meals: Every Saints sack
- 2,000 meals: Every Saints turnover

All of the meals will be donated to a local food bank in #NewOrleans with the help of @feedingamerica 

#Matthew25 #FeedTheHungry #DemarioDavis
What do you think about this quote from NBA Veteran @atolliver44?
Today The Athletes'​ Corner, the @ertzfamilyfoundation, and @dlrosensweig / @chegg helped present a check to @feedingamerica & Philabundance (Philadelphia food bank) for 600,000 meals!! 

It was awesome teaming up with Super Bowl Champion @zachertz, and his wife @julieertz who is a 2x World Cup Champion. As good as they both are on the field, they are better people off it! It’s awesome to see athletes be so selfless and service oriented. The world needs more people like the Ertzes! 

#HolidayTouchdownsForMeals #Matthew25 #TheAthletesCornerVsHunger #ZachErtz #JulieErtz #ErtzFamilyFoundation #FeedingAmerica #Chegg
After the first two weeks of the season, the @warriors have scored 699 points, which means we will partner with the Warriors, @kpthrive and @feedingamerica to provide 69,000 more meals in additional to our initial 100,000! #SwishesForDishes
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