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Social media is a vehicle for us to create uplifting messages about faith and family. In 2020, our media content efforts have led to over 50,000 followers and over 50,000,000 impressions - proving that people truly do need more media content that is encouraging. Our Instagram account is featured below, which shares messages from athletes we've either partnered with or have identified as influential individuals that share our focus on faith and family!

Brandin Cooks is always focused on what matters most 🙌🏽 Happy Birthday!! @thearcher
Each day is a new opportunity to start fresh!
Say it again for the people in the back!! 🗣 #RussellWilson
Trust God’s vision ALL DAY, every day! #AdrianPeterson
His redemptive plans are greater!! #MadiNickles
Give everything to God!! #TyrannMathieu
Good simple question for you to ask yourself this morning - do you trust God? #QuandreDiggs
Proverbs 8:35!! #ChrisJones
T R U T H ‼️#AndrewMcCutchen
God is in the details of your life. Everything happens for a reason!! #CamAkers
Yes!! 💯 #JalenRamsey
Amen! #AlbertPujols
Birthday blessings for Patrick Mahomes! Keep glorifying God brother! #HappyBirthday
After being ruled out for the season, Jeff Okudah said that his faith in God’s plan is unwavering! #TrustGod
If someone does wrong by you, don’t get even, pray for peace and “pray for your enemies”! 🙏🏽
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding”

Listen to @zachertz talk about “trust” and Proverbs 3:5 🙏🏽
Where would I be without you Jesus?
What does God give you the strength to do? #MannyPacquiao
Take a moment, and say a prayer today to thank God for all your blessings 🙏🏽 #OBJ #OdellBeckhamJr
God’s timing is perfect. He’ll prepare you for the plan He has for you! #AjBrown
Can I get an Amen?
Simple truth! The Lord wants our hearts! 1 Samuel 16:7
Thank God every day 🙏🏽
There is nothing wrong with being confident… but he’s exactly right, true confidence stems from having the humility to know that everything comes from God! If you are living your life, day by day, in harmony with the teachings of Christ, you can be FULLY confident you are in His will. #Godfidence
If you are feeling like you are in a “storm”, always remember that God’s plan is perfect. His will is perfect. Keep the faith! 🙏🏽
When Lil Wayne was 12 years old, he attempted suicide by shooting himself in the chest. 

@emmanuelacho asked him what kept him alive after attempting suicide, and @liltunechi boldly responded with:

 “God. Plain and simple.” Love this testimony!!

(Via Unfomfortable Conversations with Emmanuel Acho)
Peace of God!! @dangerusswilson
This is great advice!! @benjaminswatson
Luis Gil credited his pitching success to prayer. He said he prays many times for strength, and the ability to help his team!

After his first 11 innings, @thegil81 recorded 14 strikeouts and allowed zero runs scored. 

A lot of people will say that God doesn’t care about sports, but he does FOR SURE care about each one of us individually - and he wants to communicate with us through prayer. 🙏🏽
@emmittsmith22 with a great daily reminder that YOU are loved by God 🙌🏽
Good daily reminder - don’t over complicate it! Trust God! Proverbs 3:5-6 🙏🏽
God’s power is real 🙌🏽
God knows our hearts and our character. No matter what others do or say, God knows us perfectly. 
#RestInPeace #BobbyBowden
@isaiahthomas immediately gave God the credit after scoring 81 points in a pro-am game this week 🙏🏽
There’s nothing like God’s Grace 🙌🏽
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